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Applied digital technology to help artists bring their imagination to life.

With an eye for the exceptional, we provide a comprehensive range of digital services for artists pursuing or producing public or private works. We listen, interpret, and digitally synthesize artist’s intentions.

Services include three-dimensional modeling and design exploration, rendering, animation, photography and compositing, laser-scanning, and interactive and printed presentation products.

  • More than 315 art projects and proposals, and nearly fifty that have been fabricated, installed, or are in process.
  • A solid understanding of materiality, engineering basics, and building (ADA) codes
  • 16 years of modeling, visualization and illustration experience
  • 17 years of experience in large architecture firms
  • 25 years of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) experience
  • The ability to help artists express their vision in a way that allows the client to feel and see the outcome in advance
  • A collaborative approach to design and presentations
  • The ability to explore forms and spaces and use digital models to reduce the unknowns in fabrication and construction of complex forms
  • Familiarity with industry-standard software packages
  • Understanding of professional construction standards, terminology, expectations, and requirements
  • More than 200 architectural project proposals, ranging in size from small home additions to resort villages


When is the right time to contact  ?

     Now, if you….

  • Are pursuing an RFQ or RFP for a public art project or private commission
  • Have been awarded a commission recently
  • Have an idea you need to explore quickly and cost-effectively
  • Are an emerging artist who needs to present unbuilt work in a convincing way to include with a submittal
  • Are faced with daunting or unfamiliar digital technology issues relating to art fabrication and digital portfolio management
  • Want to work with someone who can handle everything digital up to engineering, project management and fabrication (and we know exceptional people to handle that stuff too).