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  has completed work on over 100 projects since opening its doors in early 2009. Here are a few of our favorites which display the broad range of creativity, technology and coordination we provide.

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Water Cycle

Monday, 04 June 2012 22:22

Andy Dufford, Chevo Studios
Water Cycle, Ogden, Utah

Mowry Studio had the exciting opportunity to work with Andy for the entire duration of his Water Cycle project in Ogden. We created the renderings and presentation materials Andy used to win the project, and assisted all the way through design and fabrication. We constructed digital models of the stones, the plaza, snowflake sculpture, and water-slide base enclosure used as references during fabrication. Our solar modeling allowed the Chevo team to confidently and accurately place the shadow stone for the Winter Solstice ‘completion’ of the piece.

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