Why Mowry Studio?

The Cloud – Donald Lipski

There is a trend towards “full service” fabricators that will help you, the Artist, from proposing through fabrication, project management and installation. Which, at first take seems to make sense.

However, you’re a professional looking to make a living and we believe the only way to do that is to fully own your project information to use as your project requires.

We believe ideally you can manage your costs and own your intellectual property to find your best options for project management, fabrication, and installation.

We also believe that through developing your vision with Mowry Studio, it can be what you want it to be, rather than being steered to what a sole-source fabricator is comfortable making.

The products we develop together are yours.

This empowers you to control your artistic vision, your project, your budget – and profit – by picking your team members as the project requires.

We’re excited to help develop your idea, win the project, and generate the information and documentation to move forward with your vision.