What we do

Mowry Studio applies digital technology to help artists bring their imagination to life.  With an eye for the exceptional, we provide a comprehensive range of digital services for artists pursuing or producing public or private works.  We listen, interpret, and digitally synthesize artist’s intentions. Services include 3D modeling and design exploration, rendering, animation, photography and compositing, laser-scanning, and interactive and printed presentation products.

If you’re wondering if it’s the right time to work with Mowry Studio, if you….

…are pursuing a public art project (RFQ and RFP)

…have recently been awarded a commission

…you have an idea to explore quickly and cost-effectively

…you’re an emerging artist who needs to present unbuilt work in a convincing way to include with a submittal

…are facing daunting or unfamiliar digital technology issues

…want to work with someone who can handle everything digital up to fabrication and project management (and we know exceptional teams to handle that too).