Mowry Studio has completed work on over 100 projects since 2009. Here are a few of our favorites which display the broad range of technology and coordination we provide.

David Griggs – Colorado Justice Center, 2013

David was awarded the opportunity to submit a proposal for the Ralph A. Carr Justice Center in Denver Colorado. These following images were used in his presentation.

Andy Dufford, Chevo Studios – Mountain Lion sculpture, Grand Canyon Visitor Center, South Rim.

Chevo Studios had the honor of a number of sculptural and environmental installations in the Vistor Center at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Chevo brought in Mowry Studio to assist on a number of the projects, including visualizing large-scale stone placement in the Landmark Plaza and the Visitor Center Plaza, coordinating stone sizes, employing our laser scanning services to facilitate worry-free and rapid carving of a 5000 pound Mountain Lion sculpture.

Andy Dufford, Chevo Studios – Water Cycle, Ogden, Utah, 2012.  

Mowry Studio had the exciting opportunity to work with Andy for the entire duration of his Water Cycle project in Ogden. We created the renderings and presentation materials Andy used to win the project and assisted all the way through design and fabrication. We constructed digital models of the plaza, snowflake sculpture, and water-slide base enclosure used as references during fabrication. Our solar modeling allowed the Chevo team to confidently and accurately place the shadow stone for the Winter Solstice ‘completion’ of the piece. 

Chris Oar – Compassion Strength Honor, Denver County Sheriff Department Memorial, 2012

We’re proud to have worked with Chris Oar on his first major public art commission, a memorial for fallen members of the Denver Sheriff’s Department. The digital model produced for the renderings was also re-purposed to water-jet parts for a maquette, and will be used to generate files for fabricating the final installed piece.

Donald Lipski – Anaheim Transit Center  proposal, 2011

Donald hired Mowry Studio to illustrate his proposal for the Anaheim Transit Center. 

Michael Clapper  – Mining Minds, El Paso, Texas, 2010

Michael brought Mowry Studio on for this project in Texas. We built a digital model and included renderings in the presentation materials we created for his interview. The model was eventually used for engineering the sculpture. Additionally, we measured the fabricated metal sides of the pickaxe and designed linework files for water-jetting the numerical perforations.

Michael Stutz – Flame Flower, San Diego, California, 2012